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About Chandrakona

Chandrakona is one of the fast developing municipality of the Ghatal subdivision of Paschim Medinipur district in West Bengal. This small town is situated between the Ghatal and Garhbeta. The city is said to be names after its founder ‘Chandraketue’ who was the founder of the Chandrakona kingdom. While in Ain-E-Akbari, the place was known as ‘Mana'. There are many forts built by Chandraketu. Ramgarh Fort, Lalgarh Fort. 'Dwadesh Duari' or 'Baro Duari' fort can be found on the southern end of Chandrakona.

About Malleswar
Malleswar Temple

Geography of Chandrakona

Chandrakona lies between the latitude of 22.44° to the North and longitude 87.31° towards the East, with an average altitude of 28 meters height. This town of Chandrakona is surrounded by some mountains, as well as trees and rivers, etc. And the nearby cities or surrounding cities include Ghatal, Binpur and some other places.

Demography of Chandrakona

As per the India census of 2001, the population of Chandrakona Municipality was about 20,400. Amongst which, males constituted 51 percent and population of females was about 49 percent. Population of the children within the age of 6 was said to be 14 percent. The average literacy rate in Chandrakona was about 66 percent; out of which, male literacy rate was about 73 percent, and female literacy rate was about 58 percent.

Business and Economy in Chandrakona

Agriculture is the main source of economy for the people of Chandrakona. Rice, jute as well as potato are grown in plenty. Apart m small and medium sized industries there are almost 20 cold storages of potato. People maily belongs to middle and lower-middle-class. Another main occupation arrives from the tourism sector, as the city of Chandrakona is one of the best historical places.

History of Chandrakona

The history of Chandrakona as well as its adjoining areas starts from the 690 A.D. during the time of Malla Dynasty at Bishnupur. Chandrakona has been developed and improved a lot compared to early 13th century, and there is a temple known as ‘Jagannath temple’ which has been completed just half a century ago. For such an improvement, the political stability was essential and such a great prosperity came into existence to this city, due to the chief of a Rajput contingent, called ‘Indraketu’, and has been established mostly as an independent rule during the early 15th century. At the same time, you can find one more Rajput, named ‘Gajapati Singh’, who presumed to be the king of the Bagri, Chandrakona (west). There were supposed to be small wars between these kingdoms, with the intention to resolve the un-resolvable matters.

Chandrakona prospered during the time of Ketu Kings who ruled for a decade. While, this town of Chandrakona, acquired its name from the third king of ketu called ‘Chandraketu’. And the Jogesh Chandra Basu became the scholar upon the Medinipur history. This city of Chandrakona was earlier popular with the name ‘Mana’, the name changed only after the rule of Chandraketu during 15th century. There is a Gurudwara at this town of Chandrakona which belongs to that time of Chandraketu. And as per the records found Sri Guru Nanakji as well as Sri Mardanaji arrived to this town in 1510,when they were on tour to Puri . During that period, they established Manji at Chandrakona, which has currently become Gurudwara, which is visited by thousands of Sikhs from all over the globe. And during the period of Mughal rule, this city of Chandrakona became semi-independent, and during the middle of 16th century, the rulers like the Birbhan Singh and Chauhan, started to rule and and ruled for about 150 years, till the new rulers like Maharaj Kirtichandra of Burdwan overthrew Raghunath Singh in the eighteenth century, and these were said to be the last ones. However, the glory of Chandrakona, relies on its temple complex as well as its large tanks, which represents the interest of the Bhan rulers in the public works that highlights their passion about art and religion.

This city of Chandrakona used to appear under the British East India Company during the year 1760, and the garment industry was almost slowly developing at this period, but the popular weavers in this city started to move to other places, while some changed their profession from knitting to farming. Whatever, the town became the most important centre for trade and commerce. And in the 19th century, the city became well-known for the manufacturing and supplying of the high quality brass utensils. While during the year 1872, this town got merged into the Sub-division of the ‘Ghatal’ region in Medinipur district.

Tourism in Chandrakona

Chandrakona is popular for many temples. Temple of Malleswar is one of most popular temples. This temple is amalgamation of various architectural styles such as the Odissi Rekha-Deul, as well as the At-chala and Char-chala styles of Bengal, etc. Some of the styles include Mitrasenpur, which is decorated with finest terracotta plates that represents the Mahabharata events along with the ‘Avatars of Vishnu’. There is another temple called 'Pancharatna temple of Malleswar’, which is found to be a grand structure near Chandrakona. Ruins of these temples and others lies scattered throughout the region. Also, you can visit Dharma Takhur Temple which is even close to the place of Chandrakona. In addition to these temples, one can find three Asthals that belongs to the Ramopasak community, who used to worship three deities Rama, Laxman and Sita. Tourists can also visit the nearby Navaratna Temple at Mitrasenpur.

Transportation in Chandrakona

Profile of Chandrakona
Chandrakona Road

Chandrakona is very well connected by national highways to many parts of West Bengal state. It could be reached either via Burdwan or Medinipur or some other towns. One can easily reach this place of Chandrakona by buses or private vehicles. There are regular buses to this place from other towns of West Bengal, and it gets connected to the State Highway 4 to the National Highway 6. Also, this region of Chandrakona is well-associated with the railways. Once you reach the railway station that is located 20 kms on the Chandrakona Road, you can pick the rickshaws or cabs to visit to the hotel or resort you book to stay. Then, you can hire local cabs to visit the nearest attractions in and around Chandrakona. Even you can get bicycles or motorbikes to roam around the town.

Chandrakona Road
Address: National Highway 60, Chandrakona Rd, West Bengal
Zone: SER/South Eastern
Division: Adra
Station Code: CDGR/Chandrakona Road

Healthcare Services in Chandrakona

The city of Chandrakona is filled with many hospitals in and around its border. Hence, getting treatment can nevertheless becomes complicated here, as there are several medical shops and small clinics established at this region. Some of the important healthcare centres located at this region of Chandrakona are as below.

Chandrakona Rural Hospital

Address: Chandrakona,
City :Midnapore,
Pin Code : 721201, (West Bengal)
Phone : 322 524 2189

B.K. Sasmal Nursing Home

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Phone : 0322 524 4500 / 0322 524 4501

Ghatal Fertility Centre

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Mobile : +91 943 432 0480

Maity Nursing Home

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Phone: 0322 524 4391
Mobile : +91 943 330 0646

Nivedita Nursing Home

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Mobile : +91 943 434 2198

P C Roy Memorial Lion Eye Hospital

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Phone : 0322 524 4218
Mobile : +91 943 402 9281

Sabita Nursing Home

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Phone: 0322 524 4548
Mobile : +91 943 424 3648

Sanjiban Nursing Home

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Phone: 0322 524 4256
Mobile : +91 943 450 9967

Vivekananda Nursing Home

Address: Kushpata, Ghatal,
City : Paschim Medinipur,
Pin Code : 721212, (West Bengal)
Phone: 0322 524 4723
Mobile : +91 943 432 0628

Culture and Festivals of Chandrakona

All major festivals are also cleberated in Chandrakona. Some of the major festivals that are celebrated by the local people include the Durga and Kalikamata Pooja, Saraswati Pooja, along with the worship of Jagaddhatri puja is held. Also, Holi, Bheema Pooja and Janmastami are celebrated grandly at this town of Chandrakona.

Food in Chandrakona

When you visit the city of Chandrakona, you can try various types of food – from Bengali to Chinese and North and South Indian dishes as well. Along with these, you can enjoy the delicious street food in the evening, or enjoy the breakfast in most popular restaurants and hotels. Below are some of the most famous restaurants and fast food centres located in Chandrakona.

Chandrakona Foods
Address : Sarbera,
City : Chandrakona,
Pin Code : 721253, (West Bengal)
Mobile : +91 973 295 1520

Utility Services in Chandrakona

You might be thinking about the different types of services available in Chandrakona. Well then there are several utilities and services in and around Chandrakona, such as banks, petrol pumps, telephone services, mobile services, freight services, courier services and other types of services can be found in Chandrakona.

Banks in Chandrakona

UCO Bank
Address: Gach Sitala,
City : Chandrakona,
Pin Code : 721201, (West Bengal),
Phone : 1800 103 0123

State Bank of India

Address: SH 4, Gach Sitala,
City : Chandrakona,
Pin Code : 721201, (West Bengal),
Phone : 1800 425 3800

Petrol Pumps in Chandrakona

Indian Oil Petrol Pump
Address: Jayantipur, Chandur
Phone:03227 254 298
City : Chandrakona,
Pin Code : 721201, (West Bengal),

Telephone/ Mobile Services in Chandrakona

BSNL Telephone Exchange
Address: Chandur, , Chandrakona-I,
Paschim Medinipur,
City : Chandur,
Pin Code : 721260, (West Bengal),

Mobile Corner (LAVA Service Center)

Address: Regurgitate Market gachsitala satibazar,
City : Chandrakona,
Pin Code : 721201, (West Bengal),
Mobile: +91 897 260 5012

Freight Agency in Chandrakona

Central Warehousing Corporation
Address: Central warehouse,
Rangamati, Chandrakona Road,
City : Chandrakona,
Pin Code : 721252, (West Bengal),

Courier Services in Chandrakona

DTDC Courier
Address : 12-6, Chandrakona Town,
Near Gach Sitala Mandir,
City : Chandrakona,
Pin Code : 721201, (West Bengal),
Phone : 0322 526 7393,
Mobile : +91 993 248 7604

Chandrakona at a glance

Country : India
State : West Bengal
District : Paschim Medinipur
Elevation : 28 m (92 ft)
Population (2001)
• Total 20,400
Languages: Bengali, English
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 721201
Telephone code : 03225

  • E-mail

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